Sunday, December 19, 2010

Greek Mythology Family Tree

To show how complex the Greek Mythology families were, I have a link here that will take you to the intricate branches of their families.
When Odysseus lands on the island, Aeaea, inhabited by Circe, the witch-goddess, she tries to poison him. Circe had the mysterious power to turn men into animals. Odysseus was able to resist her only because of an herb that Hermes gave him. He decides to stay with her in her luxurious estate for one year. She and Odysseus had a son named Telegonus. Circe was the one who alerted Odysseus about the sirens that he was sure to encounter when he left. 

According to Britannica Online Encyclopedia, Telegonus kills Odysseus and ends up marrying his widow, Penelope. Telegonus' spear had the stinger of a sting ray on the tip. This was seen as fulfilling the prophecy of Odysseus being killed "from the sea." Ironic. 


Poseidon created many hardships for Odysseus during his journey home. Since much of his course depended upon ships crossing the sea, Poseidon used his power to create powerful storms to throw Odysseus and his crew off-course.

Poseidon, the brother of Zeus, was very bitter. He often tormented his enemies.

Athena - Goddess Of Wisdom

This video is kind of cheesy but it will get the point across. When Zeus learned that Athena would bear a son that would overthrow him, he became outraged and swallowed Athena while she was in her mother's womb. It was Hephaestus who came and rescued Athena by hitting Zeus on the head.

She was a great warrior and is probably one of the most well-known goddesses. She was smart, beautiful, and helped Odysseus throughout his journey in Homer's The Odyssey. She would disguise herself as his friend, Mentor. In Book 5, she spoke to the gods about how dire Odysseus' situation was and was successful in getting him some assistance. They sent Hermes to demand that Calypso release Odysseus after she has held him there as her love slave for seven years. After some resistance, and a few unfriendly phrases to the gods, she lets him go. She helps him build a new boat and give him the supplies he needed so he can, once again, begin his journey home.

ZEUS Greek Gods

When Zeus became the ruler of the lands, many people figure that he is the ruler of all, since he had more responsibility than his brothers, Poseidon and Hades. Zeus took advantage of the situation and used his power over people for his own benefit. He had many mistresses which completely contradicted Greek culture of having one wife and being faithful to her. Check out this nice video! It gives you an idea of how he ruled the world and how everyone obeyed him.